Katherine Krivanek, CPT, R.H.N.



Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Graduate

Member of Canadian Association of Natural Nutrition Practitioners

Member of the CSNN Alumni Association

Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology - Certified Personal Trainer

Algonquin College Graduate - Fitness and Health Promotion


Hello and welcome!

I’m Kat, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I believe that living a healthy, balanced lifestyle doesn't need to be complicated and my goal is to help my clients achieve whole body wellness by encouraging optimal nutrition and active living.

I’m a graduate of the Natural Nutrition program from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Ottawa, Ontario.  Natural nutrition is founded on the principles of eating foods that can have a transformative effect on our health: natural unprocessed, unrefined foods, fresh foods containing live enzymes and good quality, organic and sustainable animal products.

Prior to becoming a holistic nutritionist, I studied fitness and health promotion at Algonquin College and became a Certified Personal Trainer from the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. Exercise is crucial to the human body and has the ability to increase life span, elevate mood, increase energy and maintain strong muscles and bones for life. I’m passionate about living an active lifestyle and encourage my clients to as well!

Each one of us is biochemically unique and has different optimal nutritional needs. These needs change over time and throughout stages of life. We are what we eat but more so what we absorb, and what we absorb is a product of gut health and digestive ability, stress levels, hormonal balance and more. 

During a nutrition consult, I look for nutritional imbalances in the diet as well as contributing factors from lifestyle, stress levels, emotional and environmental influences. Each coaching plan is then individually created to suit client specific needs whether your goals are weight loss, increasing energy, overcoming common digestive imbalances or just looking to eat a healthier, more balanced diet.  In addition to nutritional coaching, I also provide tailored exercise plans to clients looking to get more active.

Check out the Services page to see a list of available nutrition coaching assessments and packages.

Fun Facts

  • I love to travel - food, sights and experiencing different cultures is therapeutic for me.

  • I’m a huge foodie and guilty of always snapping pictures of my meal -my fav. indulgences are wine, oysters, chocolate and cheese!

  • I make sure to get some form of exercise everyday - lifting weights, biking, yoga, spin classes are my go-to’s

  • I love country music, summer days and spending time with my friends, family, our kitten Fin and French bulldog Taco.